I can’t believe how much teaching wisdom is stuffed into this short (and beautiful) little book. So much truth and inspiration!”
– Wendy Kopp
Founder of Teach For America

Teaching is as much an art as a craft. It’s also joy-filled and heartbreaking, satisfying and frustrating. This deft little book gives professionals–new and old–a quiet moment to ready themselves for the rollercoaster ride of teaching, and will spark great ideas for the classroom."
– Geoffrey Canada
President and CEO of Harlem Children’s Zone

Notes on Teaching is like eating potato chips: You can’t read just one note. You can try but you soon will be compelled to pick it back up to read a few more and then a couple of more and then and then…. What really makes me mad is that so much of what I regard as my special knowledge as a school consultant is right here, available to everyone, almost for free. Damn!"
––Michael Thompson, Ph.D.
Co-author of “Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boys” and “The Pressured Child"

In this wonderfully crisp, wise, and useful book, Hendricks and Reich have given teachers a guide that will last them a lifetime. Notes on Teaching is a book that can and should be absorbed whole on the first reading, but I suspect readers will discover its true value only when they return to it. In times of uncertainty and lost bearings, I can think of no better compass than this little book, which abounds with humanity and good sense.”
––Leon Botstein.
President of Bard College

" Many leaders find themselves distracted by budgets, organizational strategy, and tracking the competition, unconsciously pushing aside equally important tasks such as mentoring, training, and acknowledging employee achievement. Notes on Teaching, with its comprehensive collection of pithy and perspective-altering advice, is the perfect reminder to leaders that to teach is to lead and to lead is to teach.”
– Jack Covert
Founder and President of 800CEOREAD
Co-author of "The 100 Best Business Books of All Time

" Bravo to the authors for giving teachers a written mentorship–a disciplined, knowledgeable, and generous companion–to accompany a most demanding, yet rewarding profession.”
– William Durden
President of Dickinson College
Former President of Sylvan Learning Systems

" This really is a wonderful book! It is the help you had hoped to get from your teachers college but didn’t. It is the mentor you wished for but never had. It is pithy, funny, practical and–mainly–wise.”
– Marc Tucker
President of the National Center
on Education and the Economy
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